We are Youth Led - We advocate for youth leadership in SRHR and gender equality
among adolescents and youth in Ethiopia

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Welcome to Safer-SRHR

Welcome to our youth-led organization dedicated to empowering youth and adolescents in improving their sexual and reproductive health in Ethiopia. Our mission is to provide a supportive and safe environment for young people to learn and grow, so they can make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. we believe that everyone has the right to access comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual health education and services, and it’s our goal to make sure that happens.

About Safer SRHR

Our Goal

The Main Goal of Safer-SRHR

Is to insure all youth living in Ethiopia have access to sexual health education. We inspire youth and adolescent to make an informed decision about their sexual life as well as be advocate for safer sexual practice and Gender Equality. We engage youth in discussions around SRHR, deliver trainings and thus help them become in charge of their own sexual health. we establish student clubs in primary and secondary schools where age appropriate comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education is delivered so youth and adolescents can sustainably get safe spaces to discuss sexual health and actively engage in these clubs to become advocates of SRHR themselves. this way they became SRHR ambassadors for their community. This helps to create a youth friendly environment and make it easier to deliver culturally sensitive topics like sexual health education.

This circle of trust where youth delivering SRHR training to other youth is safe and friendly for participants. We also host networking meeting with youth led organizations where we join hands for a better advocacy effort and organize policy related activities with key stakeholders. Gender Equity as a core value of our work, we ensure gender equal spots in our project execution board and youth and adolescent trainees. We have developed SRHR trainee support hand book for youth and adolescent which is currently on translation to three local languages of Ethiopia. This helps in making sexual health education easily accessible and comprehendible for youth native speakers.


All youth living in Ethiopia have access to sexual health education and can make an informed decision about their sexual health.


To advance safer sexual Practice and Gender Equality among youth in Ethiopia via delivery of workshops, research documentation and community practice. Strengthen Sexual and Reproductive education as well as empower women and girls to become active and productive citizens of Ethiopia.

Our Work

Empowering the Youth in Reproductive Health


Supporting and promoting youth-led research documentation and blogs focused in sexual and reproductive health and rights


Youth led advocacy and participation in shaping programs that affect youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


Youth to youth education about sexual and Reproductive Health issues through workshops, school clubs, community events and other platforms.

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Youth Focused Workshops

The circle of trust where youth delivering SRHR training to other youth is safe and friendly for participants. 

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